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The community of Moraine expresses diverse opinions on the City’s aesthetics and property management, encompassing a range of concerns and observations. Some community input emphasized the importance of identifying property redevelopment opportunities. Other residents emphasized the importance of addressing existing issues, like cleaning up and maintaining areas, before focusing on attracting new businesses. 

Creating an attractive environment is vital for successful development. The residents of Moraine raised concerns about the upkeep of homes and businesses, stressing the need for consistent property maintenance. The community also mentioned issues with rental properties and highlighted that some renters disregard property upkeep. This issue negatively affects the appearance of neighborhoods and properties.

While some residents advocate for stringent code enforcement to maintain cleanliness, others point out that specific neighborhoods receive more attention than others. Calls for equitable enforcement are prevalent. The community of Moraine holds diverse viewpoints on the aesthetics and property management of the City. While some emphasize the need to attract new businesses, others stress the importance of implementing maintenance to existing buildings and implementing equitable code enforcement.


  • Create a vibrant destination. 

  • Enhance property maintenance.

  • Maintain infrastructure and support job creation.

  • Engage and retain youth. 

  • Diversify housing options.


  • Phase out undesirable land uses, such as junk yards, from targeted development areas.

    • STRATEGY: Enhance existing partnerships with the Montgomery County Land Bank to locate and purchase available properties through sheriff tax sales. If possible, find multiple properties within close proximity to one another.

    • STRATEGY: Investigate the expansion of the Montgomery County Rental Registration program to include inspections to help identify substandard living conditions in rental residential housing.

  • Aid low-income and elderly residents in owner-occupied housing for property maintenance.

    • STRATEGY: Launch a small revolving loan fund for residents to assists with electrical, plumbing, siding, and strucutural repairs. 

    • STRATEGY: Form a time bank to connect volunteers with those who require home repair assistance. 

What Did We Hear?

Key trends from community input on the importance of property maintenance and aesthetics for Moraine:

  • Stakeholders expressed a desire to see a visual investment in the maintenance of existing amenities. They noted that this step should occur before development or business attraction. 

  • Residents were frustrated that past volunteer efforts, such as Eagle Scout projects, and City parks have experienced vandalism. 

  • It is perceived that the lack of City code enforcement staffing has exasperated property maintenance concerns.

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