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City branding aims to attract residents, workers, and visitors. Moraine’s challenge is finding unity between its industrial identity, aviation history, and desired future as a place to live, work, and play. “Live, work, play” isn’t strongly associated with Moraine. There is a desire to change that perception. Challenges discussed during this planning effort were the absence of a community focal point, a City school district, noticeable gateways, and outside awareness of Moraine’s community assets. City branding could allow Moraine to create a new image and offer something more inviting to the community and potential newcomers.

Overall, the community acknowledges the absence of a clear brand to identify Moraine and would like to see a coordinated branding effort to showcase Moraine’s identity beyond its industrial history. The goal would be to create a branding that reflects the City’s uniqueness, fosters community pride, attracts diverse businesses, and ultimately transforms Moraine into a place known for its livability, economic opportunities, and vibrant atmosphere.


  • Create a vibrant destination. 

  • Enhance property maintenance.

  • Engage and retain youth. 


  • Advertise Moraine.

    • STRATEGY: Enhance Sellars Bridge with unique features to advertise Moraine from I-75.

    • STRATEGY: Create a comprehensive branding package and communications strategy that captures its unique character and history for residents, business recruitment, and visitors.

    • STRATEGY: Develop gateway features.

    • STRATEGY: Strengthen City-wide branding efforts, promote the City on social media platforms, and share these efforts with local partners.

    • STRATEGY: Implement a Wayfinding Signage Plan to unify existing signs and direct residents and visitors to businesses.

What Did We Hear?

The community of Moraine believes that creating City branding is essential for redefining the City’s identity, overcoming challenges, and promoting its unique attributes. 

  • Key trends from community input on the importance of creating City branding for Moraine:

    • The community emphasized embracing community collaboration to strengthen Moraine’s branding. 

    • The community aims to promote the City’s image to attract residents, workers, and visitors. 

    • The absence of signage, logos, and a recognizable brand identity is seen as a barrier to Moraine’s growth. Community members advocate for a clear and impactful image.

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